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First look: Nanoplate-based digital PCR system is coming to AMP 2019*

Detecting rare events in complex mixtures can be difficult, and finding the same rare positive time after time can be even more so. It is indeed like finding a needle in a haystack. By discretizing or partitioning each sample into a large number of individual and parallel reactions, digital PCR provides unequivocal yes or no, 0 or 1 answers to your research questions.

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Transforming the PCR experience

While qPCR continues to remain a standard workhorse in laboratories, digital PCR’s beguiling sensitivity, precision, robustness, and reproducibility will help you push the boundaries and reach new frontiers in research. With the introduction of cutting-edge nanoplate-based digital PCR technology, laboratories considering a switch to digital will gain from a rapid and fully integrated workflow, significant multiplexing and throughput benefits – and more.

Visit us at booth #3113 to get a copy of our flyer and discuss the potential of the system with our experts. Check out the schedule for our in-booth talk and plan your visit.

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* Nanoplate-based digital PCR system is currently under development

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