Your partner in shaping the future of molecular pathology

Your partner in shaping the future of molecular pathology

Your partner in shaping the future of molecular pathology

QIAGEN corporate workshops

QIAGEN is hosting a full day of talks from industry leaders – from oncology to ID, PCR to NGS, targeted panels to WGS, low- to multiplex. Click on each session title to learn more.

Date: Wednesday, November 6
Location: Room 316–317, Baltimore Convention Center

10:00 a.m. Syndromic solutions to aid therapeutic decision making for patients with respiratory infection

Glen Hansen, PhD, Director of Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minnesota, USA

In the clinical lab, acute conditions like respiratory disease require immediate intervention. Minutes count. Correct identification of the causative pathogen is key to selecting the right treatment, but many pathogens cause similar symptoms. Multiplex syndromic testing with the QIAstat-Dx, rapidly and simultaneously surveys a large number of pathogens, helping to eliminate the guesswork. These more accurate, comprehensive and actionable results allow your lab to provide clinicians with the information they need to confidently diagnose and guide therapy selection, improving patient care.

Join Dr. Glen Hansen of Hennepin County Medical Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota) as he discusses the value and evolution of on-demand multiplex respiratory testing. Dr. Hansen will also present the experience of his hospital’s emergency department using actionable and cost-effective reporting for influenza.

1:00 p.m. Lab experience – evaluation of QIAGEN’s NGS System workflow in testing complex myeloid and lung cancer samples

Ravindra Kolhe MD, PhD, Director of the Georgia Esoteric & Molecular Laboratory at Augusta University
Peter Wild, PhD, Director of Senckenberg Institute for Pathology, University Hospital, Frankfurt, Germany

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is becoming widely used for biomarker detection in myeloid leukemia and lung cancer samples, allowing testing of multiple markers at the same time. We will explore how 2x pre-optimized assays on the QIAGEN NGS system have allowed laboratories to detect and call challenging variants in myeloid and lung cancer. The QIAGEN NGS System, using the QIAact Myeloid DNA UMI panel and a custom lung cancer assay, offers a complete Sample to Insight solution including bioinformatics tailored and optimized for the panel’s analysis and reporting, using QCI Analyze and QCI Interpret.

The GeneReader NGS System is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

2:00 p.m. Reducing time for clinical NGS test interpretation by 85%

Ravindra Kolhe MD, PhD, Director of the Georgia Esoteric & Molecular Laboratory at Augusta University
Beate Litzenburger, PhD, Global Product Director, QIAGEN

Clinical genetic testing labs are challenged to analyze and interpret oncology tests with rapidly updated scientific evidence, drug approvals and treatment guidelines in an efficient, thorough, manner.

We will present QCI Interpret, an evidence-driven clinical decision support software, and QCI Precision Insights powered by N-of-One, the on-demand expert interpretation services. QCI leverages trusted content from an expansive data collection of curated literature from more than 40 public and proprietary databases including real-world data from over 146,000 patient cases across 1,100 diseases. We will discuss how QCI supports a variety of cancer panels to deliver actionable information on detected variants and immunotherapy biomarkers.

  • Tumor mutation burden: Challenges and opportunities of measuring and interpreting tumor mutational burden for patient care
    • Ravindra Kolhe, Augusta University
  • QCI for oncology: Flexible and scalable variant interpretation and reporting solutions for somatic profiling and TMB assays
    • Beate Litzenburger, QIAGEN

3:00 p.m. The power of one: Simultaneous DNA variant profiling and RNA fusion detection in one Sample to Insight workflow

Dan Heard, Global Product Manager, QIAGEN
Jonathan M. Shaffer, PhD, Associate Director, Product Development, QIAGEN
Vince Funari, PhD, VP Research and Development, Neogenomics, California, USA

Cancer is a highly complex disease and understanding the various alterations that together determine mechanisms of disease onset, progression, recurrence and response to treatment is not trivial. Currently, multimodal approaches are used to explore biomarker status using DNA variant profiling and RNA fusion information. Though the information derived enables a better understanding of the various mechanisms in play, having to perform separate workflows increases the overall cost of the study due to the number of instruments, reagents, consumables and resources needed. Furthermore, samples, especially those derived from tissues, are often of limited quantity and quality. Therefore, streamlined workflows optimized with low sample-input requirements are preferred to ensure the retention of samples for further downstream studies.

In this workshop, we present an innovative approach to biomarker analysis, enabling simultaneous extraction and NGS-based interrogation of DNA and RNA from a single sample in just one day. This approach not only reduces hands-on and overall turn-around time for combined DNA and RNA profiling but, more importantly, provides critical DNA and RNA information from a single sample, enabling confident assessment of allelic expression of variants for a complete profile of the underlying molecular signatures related to disease.


  • Reinventing targeted sequencing with QIAseq Multimodal: A Sample to Insight solution for integrated DNA and RNA analysis from one sample using a single-day workflow
    • Dan Heard, QIAGEN
  • The power of one: QIAseq Multimodal’s one-day workflow consolidates DNA variant and RNA fusion analysis, from Sample to Insight
    • Jonathan M. Shaffer, QIAGEN
  • Evolution of cancer testing in a clinical lab: moving toward comprehensive genomic profiling
    • Vince Funari, Neogenomics
4:00 p. m. Reagent development at commercial PCR kit provider and cooperation opportunities for industry and OEM partners

Dirk Schacht, Associate Director, Global Product Manager, QIAGEN

QIAGEN is a leading provider of PCR solutions with proven experience in both the development of reagents and assays and optimizing production procedures of enzymes and kits. The ongoing relationship with third parties in custom and OEM business has created a range of opportunities and support options QIAGEN can offer from its own experience in kit and assay development. The speaker will describe QIAGEN's approach to kit development and respective support options for OEM and custom business around RT- and PCR-enzymes, mastermix formulations or assay development and supply.


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