QIAstat-Dx (coming soon)

Visit QIAstat-Dx at AMP 2018 and discover the next-generation of syndromic insights

Clinicians want accurate and timely answers. Patients want the right treatment. Syndromic testing helps reduce diagnostic uncertainty and improve clinical decision making providing insights that are more accurate, comprehensive, and actionable for real-time decisions.
Powered by proven QIAGEN sample and assay technologies, you can now confidently provide clinical insights to patients with the highest level of versatility and harness the full potential of multiplex syndromic testing with the QIAstat-Dx.

The QIAstat-Dx (DiagCORE) Analyzer is a modular and scalable system designed to work in any clinical setting. The system runs application cartridges on demand from predefined assay protocols, via displayed step-by-step instructions, offering an intuitive and safe user experience.

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DiagCORE is only available in Europe. QIAstat-Dx is coming soon.

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